Next generation embedded

pygmy TITAN™ is product development platform based on smartphone technology

  • • Designed for wide range of applications •
  • • Tiny, low power, wireless and secure •
  • • Runs Android, familiar to millions of users •
  • • Features Java API for easy device control •
  • • It’s mobile, always connected, and remotely controlled •

pygmy TITAN™ mobile computer module

  • • Powerful smartphone electronics packed in a single component
  • • Includes radio circuits and sensors
  • • Multiple camera and display ports
  • • Slim design with integrated heatsink
  • • Rich set of available system interfaces
  • • Standardized form factor
  • • Robust mechanical interface
PygmyTitan module
PygmyTitan module

pygmy TITAN™ open architecture

  • • Pick a processing module of your choice
  • • Connect it to one of our carrier boards
  • • Select interface expansion board to match your application, or
  • • Use our processing module as a component and make your own hardware

Device control through cloud services

pygmyCLOUD™ easy to use cloud services enables you to:

  • • supervise and maintain products in the field without leaving your office
  • • upgrade applications on devices and add new features on the fly
  • • automatically collect and process data from all your devices simultaneously

Secure computing platform

pygmyTRUST™ security technology assures your peace of mind when running critical applications.

pygmyTITAN™ processing module is a trusted platform, properly authenticated before we let it communicate

Data exchange between devices and pygmyCLOUD™ is made secure via end-to-end protection mechanism


Simplified embedded programming

We invested our time in writing code that talks to pygmyTITAN™ hardware, so you can save yours

You don’t have to be Linux guru to program it, since pygmyTITAN™ runs Android applications

Our software enumerates all devices and loads drivers, enabling you to control them via simple Java API

Longevity and improvement path

pygmyTITAN™ modules are mechanically, electrically and software compatible.

When your design is based on pygmyTITAN™ modules, hardware and software upgrades are fast and easy.

Re-usage of standard form factor modules enables you to save time and money with every new product spin.